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Customer Service

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First and foremost, throughout each step in the life cycle of your project we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. This begins with promptly following up with you when you first reach out to us, and is maintained with courteous, professional and timely interactions moving forward. And this doesn’t stop once your project is launched. We will continue to support as your website/application evolves.

Initial Project Evaluation & Consultation


We’ll begin by learning about your business and website/app project. We’ll work through our project initiation checklist to define the marketing, sales and technical requirements. From these details we’ll prepare a proposal specific to your needs, including a detailed cost estimate. Once we’ve refined the proposal and negotiated the project costs we’ll get to work.

Site Architecture, Wireframes & Technical Specifications


From our initial proposal we’ll prepare a sitemap and wireframes. Wireframes help to define the specific elements and functionalities that will live on each page of our website/application. For some projects this can an exhaustive process as there may be significant form/data elements to consider. We’ll also prepare a technical specification document that will provide additional insight to the sitemap and wireframes. The resulting documents serve as the blueprint for the project moving forward.

UX/UI Design


We’ll then prepare multiple design options for you to consider. Typically this will feature a variety of views and provide a diverse set of design presentations. From here we’ll work through multiple rounds of revisions to focus in on the approach that works best for you and iterate this across to the key page layouts required. We’ll also give consideration to mobile/responsive design issues, defining the presentation on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. The end result is an approved design that will give you a strong feel for how your project will look.

Site/Application Development


Using the sitemap, wireframes and technical documentation, along with the approved UX / UI design we will begin to build out your website/application. In the case of e-commerce this may also include: 3rd party integrations, product/customer/order data migrations, and business logic (tax, shipping, etc.) configurations. Progress will be demonstrated at key milestones along the way, and periodic testing may also be required.

Content Development & Implementation


Content development is often provided by our clients, however we access to copywriters, editors, photographer, and illustrators available to help complete the task. This is typically schedule to occur concurrently with the design and development phases, so that it’s completed when the site is ready for content population. Our developers will then integrate the content in to the website, using care to maintain the design specifications and perform routine cross browser/platform/device testing. Once all of this is completed, the site/app will be ready for your review.

Quality Assurance, Testing & Training


Upon completion of the site development and content population, we will work with you to define a thorough site review and testing process. This will involve both our staff, key members of your staff, and ideally some external users who are not familiar with the details of the project. We will track our corrective measures and resolve all documented issues to your satisfaction to arrive at an approved site ready for launch.



Once the site/application has been thoroughly tested and is approved for launch, we’ll work with you take the appropriate next steps. For websites, this will require finalizing the hosting configurations and coordinating the necessary DNS changes to point the domain to the server. For apps, this will require submitting the project to Google and/or Apple for their review process.

Online/Offline Marketing


But the process doesn’t end there. That’s really just the beginning. We’ll assist you with your marketing plan to implement appropriate online / offline programs. This typically involves continued Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, email campaigns, landing pages, referral programs, and social media integrations, to name a few.

Analytics/Performance Review & Recommendations


As your site / app is used we’ll work with you to evaluate the traffic/user analytics and compare them to defined goals and sales metrics. Based upon these findings adjustments to messaging, presentation, offers, programs may be required to fine tune the performance of the site / app. All with a keen eye on ROI.

Site Maintenance, Updates & Enhancements


Over the life cycle of the project you’ll be empowered to manage the site via your e-commerce or CMS platform. However, there may be cases where you need our additional support. This may be for simple updates, or for adding new features and functionalities. In the case of mobile applications, routine updates and enhancements are common to address operating system updates. You can count on us to be there for you. We’re not a “build it and walk away” type of company. We’re always just a phone call or email away.